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As we are launching this website on June 7, 2011, it is 90 degrees in Greenwich, CT. Who would have a desire to acquire anything warm in this kind of weather?

But what we are about to experience here is warming our hearts first of all, not our bodies. Warm Jewelry is about heartwarming designs created using warm natural materials such as yarn, fabric, etc. as supposed to cold metals and stones. By that definition, any accessory that beautifies and harmonized your outfit can be called jewelry, from baby hat to grandma’s necklace.

At Warm Jewelry you will find custom designed crocheted and knitted hats, head bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, etc. that will make your outfit truly yours, help you to harmonize separate pieces in your outfit and truly warm your heart and brighten your day. All our pieces are light, uniquely designed to suit your individual needs and very reasonably priced.

Please, feel free to drop us e-mail to with your request, and it will be fulfilled at our earliest convenience.

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